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What do you need?

You need to backup? Tri-BACKUP (Automatic backup)

You need to access Time Machine backups? Back-In-Time (Tool for Time Machine).

You need to protect or undo deletion in your Trash? TrashMagic (Trash protection), Data Rescue (Recover your files).

You need to recover data? Data Rescue (Recover your files), Klix (Recover your images).

You need to repair your disks? TechTool Pro (Repair and optimize), Drive Genius (Tools for disks).

You need to duplicate disks? Clone X (Disk copy), Tri-BACKUP (Disk copy), Drive Genius (Block copy).

You need to reorganize disks: Drive Genius (Reformat).

You want to create web site? Freeway (Create web sites)

You need to survey new versions? CheckUpdates (Detect updates)

You need to survey the web? GrandReporter (Web Searches).

You need to manage CD and disks contents, and pictures? Tri-CATALOG (Catalog CD and images).

Français (Accueil)