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Register your serial number

At launch, the software offers you to enter your serial number to unlock all its features (you can also open the registration dialog by the menu with the name.

In case of problem

A valid serial number is always accepted if properly entered. The most commonly observed problems are an error of product (product does not match the serial number) or an error on the version (the serial number is accepted only by the corresponding product and version).

- Verify that it is the correct product and the good version.
- Check that you enter the serial number
in the correct field (copy/paste it to avoid errors).
- Click the "Register" button once the fields are correctly filled.

For your information:
- The name is independent of the serial number (you can enter the name of your choice).
- In case of update, an additional field may ask the old serial number.

You do not succeed?

If you do not succeed, please send us an email to support@tri-edre.com with a screenshot of the completed registration dialog. We'll tell you where the error is.


Here is the registration dialog of Tri-BACKUP (version 9).

The product name is displayed in the window title and also, in general, in the dialog itself (as indicated by the red circle).

There is a field for the name of the user and a second field for the serial number (plus possibly a third field if it is an upgrade, where you enter the serial number of your previous version).

If an error occurs, a message appears when you click the "Register" button.


Register an upgrade :

If your serial number is for an upgrade, a new field is displayed to enter the old serial number.


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