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Make a copy of your disk


Clone X is not compatible with macOS 10.14 or more.
You can upgrade Clone X to Tri-BACKUP 9 (purchase an upgrade on our store).

Make a copy of your disk

You need Clone X to make a bootable copy of your startup disk, as well as if you want to change your hard disk. Clone X will create a perfect bootable copy of your startup disk, or of any of your other disks. Clone X automatically handles all settings needed to make a correct bootable copy.

IMPORTANT: Clone X copy any disk with a Mac format, but not the other formats (Bootcamp, etc.).

Clone X 4

For Mac Intel
(Mac OS X 10.6 or later)

Trial mode available

Creates/Restores bootable copy of your disks


Clone X is dedicated to the duplication of your hard disk. You can easily create useable copies of your disks (including the startup disk) as well as special copies, such as the creation of minimal System disks.

With Mac OS X, the system is a very complex construction with multiple folders, most of them being inaccessible (invisible, protected or permission denied). Moreover, any copy or installation must preserve permissions and ownership of each file.


Copy an entire disk: Clone X provides functions to copy the entire disk contents into another disk (bootable copy).

Clone your System: Clone X provides powerful features to copy your System, even if the system was installed and updated many times with the updaters provided by Apple.

Restore your disk or your System: starting from a copy, Clone X will be able to restore your system or your entire disk, back to a previous clean state. Clone X can also restore a selection of files or folders.

Create minimal System disks: Clone X can copy a minimal System to a disk, so that you can install it on a small partition, create a disk for tests, or restart from a clean reduced System.

Main Features

  • Copy entire disk into another disk.
  • Copy with or without the Users documents and settings.
  • Restore an entire disk with or without the Users data.
  • Minimal System creation for hard disk or USB key (10GB or more).
  • Disks comparison.

Mac Intel

MacOS X 10.6 and +

Clone your disks

Bootable copy of your startup disk.

Trial version

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